Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's fresh and delicious this week?

August 27, 2011
  Tomatoes:  our large "Big Beef" tomatoes and the smaller "New Girls", also mixed cherry tomatoes--red, orange, yellow, and purple in one pint containers
  Basil, both sweet basil and Thai basil
  Spinach, though supplies are limited and it sells out fast after each delivery
  Lettuce:  large heads of "Cherokee" a red leaf type
  Cucumbers:  "Little Leaf" a small slicing or large pickling cuke  very sweet, the seeds never get hard or bitter
  Zucchini:  Baby zukes harvested when they're small and tender before the blossum falls off
  Jalapenos:  Careful, these guys are hot!!
  We could also provide green lettuce types and snap beans if Co-op customers ask for them.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to the Village Veggies blog

Village Veggies is a market garden which supplies fresh fruit and vegetables to the Potsdam Food Co-op.  It is run by "Grandpa John" Dewar who is a  long-time Co-op member and formerly a Canton family doctor.   All the produce from Village Veggies is grown at our garden and hoophouse in West Potsdam.

We use large quantities of soil-building organic mulches and minimal tillage.  Most of our seeds are certified organic, and we use no genetically modified crops.  No chemicals of any kind are applied to the plants or to the soil.

We deliver to the Co-op almost every day during the growing season, to assure our produce is as fresh as possible.